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Dr. Brent Corlazzoli

Dr. Brent Corlazzoli is a General Dentist at Landmark Dental Centre in Kelowna who uses digital imaging technology to provide comprehensive aesthetic dental services to his patients.

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Dr. Brent Corlazzoli, Kelowna General Dentist

Dr. Brent Corlazzoli

General Dentist
DMD, University of British Columbia

Dr. Brent Corlazzoli obtained his Bachelor Of Science and Doctor Of Dental Medicine at the University of British Columbia in 1996. Dr. Brent practiced in Castlegar, British Columbia before moving to Kelowna, where he started his practice in 1999.

With his passion for aesthetic dental services and providing results for his patients, Dr. Brent uses digital dental imaging technology to assist in providing comprehensive care to his patients. He is also trained to offer injected neuromodulators to patients to help manage pain from muscle-related dental diseases, as well as for cosmetic concerns.

Dr. Brent cofound Kastle Mills Corp in 2007 because of his passion for aesthetic dental services. He was the sole owner from 2008 until February 2013, when Kastle Mills was sold to Argen Canada, the world’s largest metal refiner of dental alloys. Dr. Brent was a past president of the Thompson Okanagan Dental Society and the Kelowna Dental Society and an opinion leader for Biomet 3i. Dr. Brent was the first dentist in Canada to use TRIOS®.

Dr. Brent’s experience with digital impressions and passion for quality, lead to an interview by Dentistry Today which recognized his efforts to create digital workflows with his dental lab. Dr. Brent is a speaker about TRIOS® Digital scanners and a clinical evaluator of digital workflows for labs and dentists across Canada.

He resides in the beautiful Okanagan Valley with his two children, Sofia and Rocco.

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